Frequently asked questions

We believe that everyone has their own path to recovery. Fuse strives to provide one of those paths.

The providers at Fuse care about our clients at the core of who they are. All of the staff that work with us are hand picked to provide the best care for the individual. This allows us to bring a wide range of options to each individual that other providers can not match.

We accept most forms of insurance including medicaid. Give us a call and we will verify your insurance will work with us.
We do! We have a families program to help families heal along with their loved ones.
No, we do not currently offer detox services. We suggest that you call United Way 211 to find a complete listing of detox services in your area. After detox, you will be in a position to come back to us and solve the underlying issues that caused the addiction.

Yes. We do not prescribe suboxone, vivitrol, sublocade, nor methadone directly, but we work with physicians who we can refer you to if you need assistance.

Yes, we welcome all that believe Fuse Recovery is the recovery path for them.

Our billing specialist Shelly will ask a few questions. After this she would determine a time and date for you to complete an intake appointment.

Treatment length is different for everyone and some people choose to continue with therapy. We try not to focus on specific lengths of time but how you are feeling in your treatment. We believe an honest relationship between the client and clinicians allow for a fully client focused care experience.

If you are finally ready, let’s discuss what’s next.

If you are finally ready,
let’s discuss what’s next.

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